I wish I had thought to post this review on March 4th! It would have been such a great play on words. I recently listened to “March Forward, Girl”, by Melba Pattillo Beals. This is a juvenile biography but honestly, I would recommend it for all age groups. Beals was part of the “Little Rock Nine”, a group of African American students who helped integrate Central High School in Little Rock, AR in 1956. Facing mobs and backlash so intense, President Eisenhower had to send in the 101st Airborne Division for protection, is no easy feat for anyone, let alone a fifteen-year-old. This moment in history, though, appears near the end; the story is more of her life leading up to Central High School, the events in her upbringing that led her to question “Why?” Why are there segregated drinking fountains? Why must she hold her tongue and just “know her place”? But Melba chose instead to join the fight for equal rights. She held a distinguished career and received the Congressional Gold Medal, but the book focuses primarily on her teen years.