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We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit member supported Library and approximately 42% of our revenue this year will be donated by our patrons. We have other revenue sources such as the Chapter2 Bookstore, cell-tower leases, special events and our passport acceptance office, but donations continue to be our most important source of revenue.

Your donation is a vital component of our Library mission to enrich your community. We ask that you donate what you can, starting at $50 for an individual annual membership.
Donations to the library are 100% tax deductible.
Your donation brings additional benefits including:

      1. The ability to place item hold requests so that you are guaranteed to receive your favorite materials in a timely fashion.
      2. Double the checkout limit for materials. You will be able to checkout up to 50 items inclusive of 10 DVDs, 10 audio books, 10 music CDs and 6 magazines.
      3. Free fax service.
      4. Free postage on inter-library loans.
      5. At a donation level of $250 or greater, an invitation to the Library’s Annual Donor Appreciation Reception.