Tai Chi – Qigong for Everyone!

Jones/Coates Room

A discipline that can be practiced and benefits gained at any age – you are never too old! A blending of Qigong and Tai [...]

Preschool Leap into Science: Wind

Imagination Lab 38443 N Schoolhouse Rd, Cave Creek

Air is everywhere, but how do we know it exists if we can’t see it?  The Leap into Science wind workshop invites children and [...]


Writer’s Connection

Arizona Room

Today's world is literally at a writer's fingertips.  A few keyboard strokes can open the Internet information gates to help you create stories that [...]


Unsupervised Bridge Club

Special Collections Room

Come join this Unsupervised Bridge Club! Bridge lovers gather once a week to practice, learn, and have fun playing a great game. All skill [...]