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Ransomware, Identify Theft, Password Hacking
Small Businesses Owners and Affluent Households are prime targets!

This just happened to a local business.  They were told to pay $50,000 to retrieve their information.  This is why it is important to get ahead of the hackers.  It CAN happen to YOU!


  • 22 Major Public Sector Ransomware Attacks in the First Quarter of 2019
  • Standard WiFi Routers Now Put YOU at Major Risk
  • Customized Phishing Emails and Malware Encrypt ALL your Devices with Ransomware
  • Strong, Secure Passwords Are NOT OPTIONAL in 2019!

Your Workstation / Devices (BOTH PC & Mac) Are the Primary Victims

  • You will complete your own Security Assessment in 4 Key Areas
    • Account Protection – Passwords, 2FA, password software and hardware storage
    • Data Protection – Ransomware, Off Site Backups, Email Encryption
    • Workstation / Device Protection – Personal Firewalls, Virus, Malware, Phishing Attempts
    • Network Protection – Security Gateways, Router Lock Downs, Unsecured devices.
  • We will demonstrate the risks and possible solutions for each

Tickets available at dfla.org or call 480-488-2286.
Cost: $44.00


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