When I first came to Cave Creek years ago, the first thing I looked for was a library. I found Mary Gavagan at the back of the library in an old shed sorting through piles of books that had been donated. I decided to help her. We had absolutely no system and it was a while before we decided to try and get things in alphabetical order. The library was small and the “ bookstore” was just inside the door – a space about 8’ x 6’! We had monthly book sales where people would stand in line waiting for us to open because that was the only time they could buy the second hand books, all of that was outside.When work was started on enlarging the library we had to operate in a porta cabin – I used to take my daughters dog with me, Inga, – she would sit patiently inside watching customers come and go. It wasn’t long before everything was moved inside, two or three different times and now we have the absolute best second hand bookstore in the whole of Arizona.I hope it won’t be too long before we can open up again and carry on as usual.

Pam Bridges

picture of a dog patienly waiting while his mom volunteers in the library book shed