This story was shared with us by Nancy Baker.

My only granddaughter has always loved books and we spent many unforgettable times at Desert Foothills Library. Even when she was very young we attended activities for Pre-K children. She began reading at a very early age and her love for books has only grown deeper as she has become older. She is now a teenager and still loves books and enjoys going to your wonderful library.

Before my leaving Cave Creek last year, we went to the library together one last time. My granddaughter had brought a book with her and quickly “disappeared” while I turned my books in at the counter. I found her in the Chapter Two area sitting on the floor In a quiet corner completely oblivious to everything accept her book!😊

To this day, my granddaughter has more than one book she is reading at the same time!

Thank you all for the wonderful memories that were created at Desert Foothills. You all helped my granddaughter and I “create” many unforgettable times together.  (You may still see her occasionally searching for and checking out any new books to read)😊


A Grateful Grandmother,
Nancy Baker

girl reading in Chapter2 Bookstore