What a beautiful and successful day at the library! Yappy Hour has been a long loved program at Desert Foothills Library. It took a short hiatus but when the new Programming Librarian started last year the volunteers were quick to talk about Yappy Hour, so you can thank them for the return! Why not have dogs and fun on the waterfall terrace? The library offers beautiful views and a comfortable place to sit and relax. Well, that was not how Sunday went at all!

Sean Mireau joined the day with the melodic and calming sounds of the steel drum playing favorites like Harry Belafonte and Bobby McFerrin. It is truly amazing how hearing a steel drum play can lull someone into feeling beachside even with the lack of oceanfront property in our Arizona desert.

The Library provided the great space and mimosas but was by far outshone by Puppy Luv Animal Rescue. How can you compete with eight adorable puppies who just want to snuggle? Puppy Luv knew what they were doing though. Four puppies were smaller breeds and four puppies were larger breeds and nobody was left out. Once people realized they could hold the puppies there was no going back. Two boxer mixes were adopted together to a great family and two of the smaller puppies were taken as fosters for a trial run! We have an amazing community when people come together and it is wonderful to watch it happen at our Library.

A huge thank you to the volunteers that helped make this happen, Sean Mireau for the beautiful tunes, and of course, Puppy Luv Animal Rescue for the fantastic snuggle time with puppies who need our love. We are already looking forward to the next Yappy Hour in November!