This past fall semester Desert Foothills Library and Jubilate Conservatory of Music partnered together for a wonderful outcome! We were able to give a stable home for Jubilate and they brought in so many wonderful families to the library! It was fantastic to hear music coming from the Arizona Room multiple days a week. Finding out so many students want to learn more about the arts and how they can make beautiful music is inspiring. If you haven’t heard about Jubilate yet, you are missing out!

Jubilate Conservatory of Music


Laya Field, a retired musician, began volunteering at Christ Anglican Church in Carefree, Arizona in 2007. Her mission was to start a children’s choir that would sing at services once a month. Very quickly she realized that there was a need for musical instruction for children in the community and has been working to create a program that would include young children to adults. To accommodate all ages and abilities, JCM hosts most of their classes at the Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek, AZ.

The Jubilate program began with a few students learning to match pitch on Saturdays. The program has expanded to include classes in: Music Theory, The Jubilate Violin Orchestra, Advanced String Orchestra, The Jubilate Chorus, Violin, Voice, Viola, Cello, Piano, and Summer Performing Arts Workshop, bringing students together to learn collaboration through performance. ​

Jubilate Conservatory of Music classes are traditional. Recitals are small and intimate with a focus on communication. Jubilate teaches the fundamentals of music theory and reading music as well as performance techniques. The intention of Jubilate Conservatory of Music is to enrich the lives of children and young adults, strengthening their hearts and minds through music and thereby support musicians in our community.

The primary purpose of Jubilate Conservatory of Music, a school of classic study  for children and young adults, is to strengthen the hearts and minds of the young. We see classical music as a  language; using the language of music as a tool to communicate with and unify each other, and to communicate artistic expression.

Near the end of the semester, JCM hosted Composers in Concert in our Jones/Coates Room. It was a great celebration of what some of the students had learned throughout the semester. Check out the pictures below to see what you missed out on! The Library is very happy to continue this partnership into the Spring semester, which is open for new students right now. There are scholarship possibilities available! The next generation of musicians are coming through our doors and I hope you get a smile each time you hear the students learning.