Desert Foothills Library Basic Policies





Loan Periods and Fines

The following are the loan periods for materials borrowed from the Desert Foothills Library.

Library Members may check out unlimited items.  Desert Foothills Library no longer charges late fines.

Library VISITOR Periods 

The maximum number of items that may be checked out for regular library card holders is 25 items that fall within the maximum limits.  Desert Foothills Library no longer charges late fines.

The cost for a lost or damaged item is the replacement cost for the item.

*Possibility of three (3) renewals, if not on hold for another patron.

·  Printed materials – 21 day renewal option
·  Talking Books – 21 day renewal option
·  Music CDs – 21 day renewal option
·  DVDs – 21 day renewal option

All items including but not restricted to books, DVDs, audio cassettes and compact discs, whether purchased or donated, that are lost or destroyed by patrons must be replaced by the patron at the cost listed in the Library’s database for each item. Patrons who refuse to pay such fees and/or return the item without paying fees will automatically lose borrowing privileges until such fees are paid.

If the fee is paid, and the item is returned within 15 days, the patron will then receive a refund of that fee via U.S. Mail. Library personnel must check DVDs, audiocassettes, compact discs, puzzles, etc., for damage before Library privileges are restored.

Since DVDs, audiocassettes and compact discs are checked on a regular basis at Checkout to assure their usable condition, a patron cannot use the words “it was like this when I checked it out”, as his/her excuse for not paying for the replacement.

Renewal of Library Materials

Library materials may be renewed three times, if not on hold for another patron, for the following time period*:

Books – 21 days
Audiobooks – 21 days
Music CDs – 21 days
DVDs – 21 days
Magazines – no renewals

3 Ways to Renew Library Materials

On our website:

  • Click on “My Account” on our homepage.
  • Click on “Items Out.”
  • Select items and click “Renew.”

By phone:

  • Please have your library card number ready.
  • Call 480-488-2286 and ask to renew materials.

In person:

  • Please have your library card with you.
  • Ask to renew materials at the front desk.

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

The Library recognizes that no single library can meet all the demands of its community. For this reason, interlibrary loan service is available to patrons who need additional resource materials.  Interlibrary loan forms are available at the Circulation Desk.

Requests are available to all members of the Desert Foothills Library. Upon receipt of the material, patrons will have two weeks to use the materials. Materials may not be renewed. Materials requested via interlibrary loan may take several weeks to arrive. This is due to the fact that materials are borrowed from libraries across the country and shipping takes time.  Lending libraries will not lend titles that have been published within the last year or media. Patrons will be notified if a request cannot be filled by a lending library.


A hold request can be placed from a patron’s online account. Patrons will be notified by email when a requested item is available. The item will be checked out to the patron’s account and held on the Grab ‘n’ Go Shelf for a period of  7 days from the date it becomes available. If the item is not collected by the end of the 7-day period, it will be passed on to the next patron with a hold request or re-shelved in the Library.

To place a hold online, you can visit either the Library Catalog or log into your Library account.  If using the catalog, search for the item required to see if it is available. Alongside each item in the catalog you will see a “Place Request” button. Click this button and you will be prompted to log in to your Library account. Once logged in, you can click the button, “Submit Request”.  You should receive a confirmation on the screen that your request has been placed.

If placing a hold from your account, first log in. Click on “Catalog Homepage” and select “Home” from the drop down menu. Enter details of the item for which you are searching in the box shown. Once the correct item is displayed click the button marked “Submit Request”. On the next page shown click “Submit Request”.