The Mission of the Desert Foothills Library is to enrich the Desert Foothills Community by promoting literacy and advancing knowledge through library resources and programs that inspire and support lifelong learning.


The Desert Foothills Library will continually evolve as a widely recognized and valued community resource.


We commit to offering superior user and community centered library services and programs as the highest priority of the Library experience.

We strive to make the Library experience friendly, courteous and welcoming for all Library users.

We make maximum accessibility of our programs and services an important requirement in the Library’s response to community needs.

We appreciate and reflect the diversity of the community and of individual Library users in planning and delivering the Library experience.

We will support users’ seeking and obtaining information reflecting all points of view.

We will maintain confidentiality of all information requested and received by Library users.

We offer library services and programs at no cost or low cost to users consistent with sound financial planning and budgeting.

We adhere to high ethical standards throughout all activities and operations of the Library.

We respect and value differences among the interests and talents of Staff, Volunteers, Donors and Board Members and recognize the importance of personal accountability.


Started in the 1930s, view the historical timeline of the Desert Foothills Library


Loan periods, Renewals, Inter-Library Loans, Holds & Fees


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Library Board of Directors

President – Patrick O’Brien

Vice President – Joanne Rebollo

Secretary – Peter Lott

Treasurer – Kathy Bradley

Jane Braun

Jon Coates

Celeste Flachsbart

Pat Miller

Dana Parker

Glee Pope

Frank Tyrol

John Vranas

Ronnie Wainwright

Library Staff

Anne Johnson, Executive Director

Debra  Lay, Ed. D., Assistant Director

Andrea Stewart, Bookeeper

Heather Wurr, Youth & Teen Services Manager

Marjorie Sutherland-Smith, Special Events Manager

Suzanne Earhart, Library Assistant

Liz Hammersmark, Library Assistant

Stefani Ruiz, Library Assistant

Ross M., Tech Intern

Warren S., Tech Intern