Join us on February 17th at 1 pm for a special presentation by Artist Jan Spieczny.  A native of Rhode Island, and the son of an artist, Jan attended the Junior School at Rhode Island School of Design and continued to study design and drawing as a business major in college.  He combined these three interests in a successful business career that spanned over thirty-five years in the Exhibit Design and Production industry.  Upon retirement, Jan’s passion for precision, detail and the visual work led him back to the drawing board.  His medium is colored pencil which allows him to do painstakingly realistic, yet sensitive renderings.

Jan’s love of the outdoors is manifested in his global mountaineering achievements, as well as his personal artistic expression which is delivered in a direct and clear simplicity.  Shore bird of the eastern seaboard, sea shells and birds of the Sonoran Desert are of special interest to him….quite fittingly as Jan divides his time between Scottsdale, Arizona and Nantucket Island.  A recent diversion has led him to the Art of Portraiture…of the Presidents of the United States, reflecting his lifelong interest in American history.  These portraits show the same remarkable pencil detail as his avian art.

His works are currently exhibited at Nantucket Looms, Artist Association of Nantucket and the Nantucket Whaling Museum.

Jan will be selling a Harry S. Truman framed print.  Proceeds will benefit the Library.