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Today’s world is literally at a writer’s fingertips.  A few keyboard strokes can open the Internet information gates to help you create stories that are distinctively credible and compelling.

This month: What’s the difference between self-publishing and independent publishing? with Carrie Severson

It comes down to your philosophy about team. Are you a team player? Or do you work best on your own? One way to get your book out into the world is to do it all yourself. The other way is to work inside a team and partner with various players. Join Carrie Severson, the Founder of The Unapologetic Voice House, to get your questions about independent publishing answered.

Carrie Severson has been in the storytelling industry for more than 20 years. She’s been a writer, editor, essayist, public speaker, publicist, story coach and now publisher. She started The Unapologetic Voice House in 2019 after her hopes of signing with an agent came to an end. She created the independent publishing house to support writers who have big dreams without big platforms. She’s walked that journey and found the rainbow at the end of the path. You can check her out online at www.theunapologeticvoicehouse.com.

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