So thankful for the Youth Librarian at the Desert Foothills Library!  When in-person Preschool wasn’t an option in early 2020… I was SO lucky to have this resource in my back pocket!  I signed up for the DFL online book-picker service and mentioned my at-home preschool objective. The Youth Librarian emailed me back personally excited to help!  We discussed what kind of topics I wanted (which for us, was broad), how many books (15), and how often (weekly)!  Now picking up our bag-of-books at the library has become an essential and thrilling part of my girls week!  We usually go on a Saturday, and then walk through the Cactus Park for a little exercise and fresh air.

It is wonderful, we read more than ever!  In addition to the growth I’ve seen in my Preschooler through her exposure to this vast resource… I’m seeing LOTS of interest in reading from my almost 2 year old who was a just baby in my arms when we initially started receiving our weekly book bag!  Being able to expose them to a mountain of new material each week has been an essential part of our at-home Preschool program.   And forget the Pandemic, it would take ME hours to carefully select such great early reader books each week.  Hours better spent reading!

THANK YOU Desert Foothills Library!
Mom (35) Preschooler (4) Little Sister (1)
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